Context for Gathering

In most faith traditions, a core part of our work is convening. Coming together to worship, to work for social justice, to work for personal and communal transformation, and to know and be known by others. We rely on the strength and memory of community. We yearn to improve collective discernment, to serve marginalized communities, to form partnerships with emerging communities, to animate a future uninhibited by current obstacles.

At every scale, human beings live in a time of unprecedented demand. We are confronted with chaos, upheavals, and continual encounter with surprise and uncertainty. Many of us choose to hunker down, buffeted by that which we cannot understand or manage.

The Art of Hosting tradition was born to answer the question, “How do we lead together when we don’t know where we are going?” From the personal to the global, practices of participatory leadership are helping to co-create resilience, opportunity and renewal in organizations, communities and families.

This gathering is for individuals and teams in faith communities who yearn to awaken. For those who yearn to become the leaders for whom our institutions and communities yearn. In social justice efforts. In leading congregations. In considering the future directions of our institutions and of our communities. In befriending individuals. We need the support and skills that we are called to offer to others.

  • What if, in all of this chaos and order, there was a call to a different form of leadership?
  • How could we be creators of meaning as communities of people?   
  • How could we tap into the source of inspiration that gives us the kind of institutions, communities, and leaders that we are so in desperately in need of?    
  • How could we leave this world in a better place for the generations that come after us?
  • What could the evolved role of faith communities now be?
  • What could be possible across faith traditions in the broader narrative of change needed in the world now?

Rooted in the work of courageously hosting conversations that matter, the Art of Hosting is a field of practice that helps groups of people tap into and unleash the creativity that is needed to deal with unprecedented circumstance.